The Vaccine

Warning sensitive souls and hypochondriacs, this section is not for you ... 🙄😜
The Vaccine : Through months of study, research, and human lab testing, I have developed the revolutionary vaccine that will cure all your ailments. The vaccine « The Secret Partition of Isabelle », was designed to prevent future epidemics of lack of tenderness. Unlike other (transhumanist 🙄 pink link at the bottom of the page) vaccines, my ingredients are 100% natural based on passion, sensuality, freshness, madness... Are without any side effects apart from well-being and ecstasy! The only death you will know is orgasm 😂 The magnetism will be voluptuous, the thrill guaranteed ... In order to protect oneself from possible future epidemic peaks of lack of love, it is recommended or even obligatory to renew the injection fairly regularly in order to maintain good immunity from carnal fusion. A carnal fusion necessary for the proper functioning of our cells and our morale. The connection will be exquisite, its contagion assured. 
Come get the Phoenix ...

 60min 400 CHF / 90min 550 CHF / 120min 700 CHF / 180min 900 CHF. (Massage + body fusion)





Smile you are stressed 😅. You will have understood that I invite you to Red Tantra (fusion) in a more humorous way.